Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dear Swaggies!
I have completed my second workout, which consisted of my lower body. So legs, basically. It was a little easier tonight, for whatever reason. My legs have always been stronger than my arms, so I guess that contributes to it. I think I am going to up the weight that I am working out with, since I think doing as much as possible, without hurting myself obviously, would be a good idea. Seriously, though. Everyone should have some sort of listening device, whether it be an iPod or a Walkman. It just makes things so much easier and fun. Tomorrow night I work on my upper body and abs again, which is needed. A lot. Until tomorrow, Swaggies.
Voyager out.


  1. Good job keep up the good work... I work out

  2. Repition is more important than weight. ...and don't forget to stretch. IMO